The vegan leather alternative from cactus – desserto

Desserto is a highly sustainable vegan leather alternative based on the nopal cactus. Desserto is characterised by its particular smoothness and at the same time by its great performance for a wide range of applications. It also meets the most stringent quality and environmental standards. The aim of Desserto is to offer an animal-free, sustainable and vegan alternative without toxic chemicals, plasticisers or PVC. The developed cactus leather is largely biodegradable and has all the necessary properties to meet today’s quality requirements.

Cultivation area of the nopal cacti of Desserto is Mexico, more precisely: the state of Zacatecas. At the company’s own ranch, the cacti are selected and the mature leaves of the plant are cut off. During this process the cactus itself is not damaged, so that it can be harvested again every 6-8 months. No irrigation system is used for the entire cultivation phase, because rainwater and the existing earth minerals are sufficient for the nopal cactus to grow.

At the ranch, the ripe leaves are then dried for three days under the Mexican sun – so no additional energy is needed in the drying process.