The vegan leather alternative from the remains of the apple industry – Apple Skin

Apple Skin is a leather alternative made from the peel and core waste of the apple industry. The result is a cellulose based material with a variety of textures and thicknesses.           

After making apple juice, the pulp is left over, which is normally thrown away. To produce a high quality and vegan leather alternative, the apple remains are dried and ground to a fine apple powder. This powder is mixed with water-based pigments and a binder and applied to a canvas. The material then dries there until a leather-like consistency is achieved.  

Farmers tend to leave up to 40% of their crops in the fields because they do not meet the visual standards envisaged by supermarkets. Collecting and recycling the waste from these discarded fruits means less waste from the food industry. Apple Skin stands for a high-quality leather alternative that protects people, animals and the environment.